16 04 2009






For those that don’t know, we’ve officially moved to a new location. You can now find us and all thing BMB @ www.brilliancemakesbillions.com. Be sure to download the new mixtape, Brilliance Makes Billions II



Stay Tuned

4 03 2009

The good folks here at Beautiful Music, Baby are currently in a transition period. We have a lot of new product that we want to show off, so be on the lookout for the re-launch, as well as the next installment in our mixtape series, Brilliance Makes Billions vol. 2. 

Until then, stay ugly.



25 02 2009

In my opinion, Inspectah Deck has been overlooked by many as just another member of the Wu Tang Clan. Personally, I think he’s pretty fuckin’ dope and I believe he doesn’t get his proper due.

Who can forget “I leave scientists mentally scarred, triple extra large. Wild like rockstars who smash guitars.”

Rebel I-N-S ya highness.

Around 2 mins into the video.

Ugly Beautiful

18 02 2009

Take out your trash in style. Everyone’s trash should look as good as they do…

Dirty D

You took the whole cake and mushed it in his face? the whole cake.

16 02 2009

Someone give me a late pass. I know I know…but to the suggestion of Just One I watched Paid in Full and found out many things.

1. That it was a Rocafella film.
2. Cam’ron was in this movie.
3. The movie was based off real people.
4. The Young Jeezy ft. Akon song “Soul Survivor” music video is based off of the movie. (Shouts to Dirty D for pointing that out to me) They even got Cam for a cameo and re-enacted scenes he was in. Fuckin’ Genius.

I feel like I’ve found a piece of my life that’s been missing. I hate when I get references or connect things hella late. Same thing with Carlito’s Way…which I only watched recently and I don’t wanna talk about it.


Aviators @ Work

10 02 2009

The Aviators (Febrio & Rae) were hard at work in the studio, as usual. I was able to take a couple flicks of them doing what they do best.

Braun vs. Apple

6 02 2009

Via Gizmodo.com

What most people don’t know is that there’s another man whose products are at the heart of Ive’s design philosophy, an influence that permeates every single product at Apple, from hardware to user-interface design. That man is Dieter Rams, and his old designs for Braun during the ’50s and ’60s hold all the clues not only for past and present Apple products, but their future as well:

When you look at the Braun products by Dieter Rams—many of them at New York’s MoMA—and compare them to Ive’s work at Apple, you can clearly see the similarities in their philosophies way beyond the sparse use of color, the selection of materials and how the products are shaped around the function with no artificial design, keeping the design “honest.”

This passion for “simplicity” and “honest design” that is always declared by Ive whenever he’s interviewed or appears in a promo video, is at the core of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for good design:

• Good design is innovative.
• Good design makes a product useful.
• Good design is aesthetic.
• Good design helps us to understand a product.
• Good design is unobtrusive.
• Good design is honest.
• Good design is durable.
• Good design is consequent to the last detail.
• Good design is concerned with the environment.
• Good design is as little design as possible.